The ERNA Foundation and the people behind the SWISS ICE CHALLENGE

The initiators

The organizer behind the SWISS ICE CHALLENGE (SIC) is the solely non-profit ERNA Foundation.
In addition to the ERNA Foundation, these heads too stand
behind the SIC and have helped to initiate it:

Bernd Bauer“It feels good to help.”
Susanne Zelosko" If you don’t do anything bad, you still haven’t done anything good yet."
Thomas Krawietz"Together we can make a difference.”
Kai-Uwe Steck"Wim and his method have changed my life."
Steffen Bauke"Live every moment of your life full of joy."
Vera Niedermeyer"Helping people is everyone's business."

About the foundation

ERNA stand for Ethics, Rights, Nature and Awareness. These four key words significantly influence the selection of projects at local as well as international level and can be found in each individual project. The SWISS ICE CHALLENGE fundraising-event falls into the area of ​​awareness and is being driven forward wholeheartedly and passionate by all concerned.

Maike van Dijk, Projektmanagerin
Anna Hiltensberger, Senior Projektmanagerin

Projects of the ERNA Foundation

The ERNA Foundation supports charitable projects that acknowledge the ethical responsibility of each person towards others, nature and themselves, and with great dedication is also committed to local projects. In addition, it is also active outside Switzerland. The balance between home and abroad as well as the closeness to man and nature, combined with an understanding of financial challenges, characterize the ERNA Foundation.

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Project contact person
for sponsors and participants:

Mrs Maike van Dijk

   +41 41 541 67 59

Initiated bye the