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The people, who will benefit from the collected donations, are grateful for every cent that comes in.

Perhaps you feel especially touched by one of the charitable projects we introduced? Donate specifically for this project or leave the fair distribution of your donation to an independent committee of the ERNA Foundation. You alone decide what your money will be used for!

For your donation, you will receive a donation receipt from the ERNA Foundation. To be able to exhibit this, however, we still need some information. Please fill out all mandatory fields including the fields, address, zip code, city and country in the donation form.

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Basically everyone should have the chance to participate in this life-changing CHALLENGE. That’s why you can easily register for a possible participation by donating any amount. To do so, you must put the appropriate check mark in the donation form. If you simply want to make a donation and you do not want to participate in the CHALLENGE, just leave the checkmark off. Among all the willing donors, we are giving away the popular participants’ places on January 07th, 2019.The 10 donors, who made the highest donations by this deadline are going to have a participants’ place for sure.

All of the lucky participants for the CHALLANGE will be informed immediately after the raffle by email including necessary further information on participation and the access code to the online preparation course. During the preparation weeks we will keep each participant up to date on a regular base and provide you with news.

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Project contact person
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Mrs Maike van Dijk

   +41 41 541 67 59

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