Are you ready for a spectacular charity event – for a CHALLENGE – not only with the goal to collect donations, but also to become the best possible version of yourself?


It is March 02nd, 2019. 100 participants hike, led by “Iceman” Wim Hof, 90 minutes at about 2000 meters above sea level in the snow, battling freezing temperatures in the Swiss Alps. The catch: except their hiking boots, they wear only short, very thin sportswear. Instead of a catching a cold, all participants finish this CHALLENGE with a strengthened immune system and a new awareness of life; while all of this happens for a good cause: they save lives.

The SIC for visitors


Would you prefer to watch the CHALLENGE from a distance in the first year, before becoming a participant yourself? We welcome you as a visitor in this case! Cheer for our participants during their hike in LAAX from Crap Sin Gion to Crap Masgen and back and find out about interesting methods that can lead to a better wellbeing. For those who would like to know exactly how our participants experienced the CHALLENGE, there is a chance to do so during the evening gala dinner. Of course, the proceeds from ticket sales also flow 100% into the donation pool.

Where your donation goes to

Woman and man hands holding red shape of heart. Saint valentine day background. Relationship, family and donorship concept.

There are countless charitable projects that deserve to be supported. However, with the donations collected through the SWISS ICE CHALLENGE, two great projects are to be supported: we will walk against depression and for self-leadership among young people. How does this match? Find out about all the details and background information regarding the projects here.

Additional information

Every big change is preceded by a vision. A vision that makes it clear that a new state is desirable and, above all, feasible. But concrete implementation requires a strong foundation. Find out here without whom the SWISS ICE CHALLENGE would not be the same …

The Wim Hof Method

The Dutch extreme athlete Wim Hof, also known as "The Iceman", holds 26 international records in enduring extreme cold. Who would be better suited to lead the SWISS ICE CHALLENGE than this man ...

The ERNA Foundation

"To act ethically, advocate rights, strengthen nature and demonstrate awareness" is both the motto and the mission of the ERNA Foundation. As a non-profit foundation, the ERNA Foundation organizes the SWISS ICE CHALLENGE fundraising event.

Project details & Location

The mountain station Crap Sogn Gion at 2252 m. above sea level in LAAX presents itself energetic and future-oriented. Here too, as it’s the case with the SWISS ICE CHALLENGE, there is a deep bond with the striking nature and new ideas. In this extraordinary place we will be hosting our event.

Our prominent supporters

The SWISS ICE CHALLENGE moves people. Naturally, many celebrities could not escape this movement either. Find out what makes the stars excited about the SWISS ICE CHALLENGE and how they prepare themselves for the CHALLENGE.

What we achieved so far

We announce the sum of collected donations on the 2nd of March. Stay tuned.

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Donate and Participate


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All of us hope for a healthy immune system, being able to actively shape one’s own life and to stay mentally fit for a long time. Together we can help people who can’t do this and be committed to a positive development within our society.

Every cent counts! Thanks to your commitment we can achieve a lot. Together we are strong.

Our sponsors

These companies have also recognized that there is more in each of us than we often believe and therefore decided wholeheartedly to support the SWISS ICE CHALLENGE. We thank our sponsors for their generosity and trust! They are an important part, realizing this event to begin with.


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